New Year's Eve Sewing Tutorial - 2020

(Magyar nyelvért kattintson ide)

The Technique

The pattern shows that there are curve sewing, but there is no such thing.

This is a quick technique that we can achieve the curves effect.

For copy right clarification, the pattern is created by Jordan Fabrics ( and we found this free pattern in her website ( which include also the free descriptions.

So the point is to lay on to the base block another block in half in a diagonal shape – in the same size as the base block.

We suggest to sew around to keep it stable and in place. It would be enough to fix with pins as well, but we sew around because it is safer and easier for us.

What you need to take care of is to sew accurately in line with the seam allowance (from the beginning to the ending). I found that it was sufficient to have a seam allowance (1/4 ” or 7.5 mm) only at the start and end points of the triangle.

It is better to leave a smaller sewing edge around the square. (So later when you sew the blocks together, the seam will not even be stuck out by accident).

Now fold the diagonal of the triangle back towards the corners.

Also, you should sew this 1 mm from the edge. It is worth using a thread that matches the color of the material!

Make sure that the arc of circle in the starting and ending point has the right seam allowance.

We are practically ready.

Another option to achieve a deeper circular arc is “the double folding”.

After the sewing - as described above- is ready, we fold back the already sewn sheet and sew it in the same way (check in the picture below). This is especially useful when sewing large blocks because the sewn edge is also larger. (I also used this for the “modern” block)

That's the technical part. Each of the patterns is based on this technique, the composition will only changes.


The task is basically simple, as the rule is to cut the same piece of triangle as the square behind it. But this may be different for each pattern. The cutting table always include the seam allowance when you cut. This is ¼ ”for inch size and 7.5 cm for cm sizing. For further clarification, the final block size as you scan see in the cutting table is not included.

Lamp pattern

The cutting table always include the sewing allowance when sewing. This is ¼ ”for inch sizing and 7.5 cm for cm sizing

You can download the coloring page from here.

Coloring page_1
Download PDF • 106KB

You need to make 3 type of stripes units

„X „ stripe unit